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Farmer's Market

As the spring and summer months come around, Mazzotti Farms joins other local farmers and producers at Farmers' Markets throughout the Denver area.

Find us at your local Farmer's Market Wednesday through Sunday:

Farmers' Markets are a wonderful opportunity to meet the people who produce the foods you eat. At the market children learn about the local sources of vegetables and meats, much of it grown organically. Many markets feature arts and crafts by local people, and many times there are fresh breads and other unique prepared foods.

At the Farmers' Market you will find a wide assortment of locally grown fruits and vegetables such as: plums, peaches, squash, watermelon, honeydew, cantaloup, beets, carrots, onions, tomatoes, lettuce, cabbage, sweet corn, honey, apples, potatoes, and so much more.

By purchasing from the local growers at your Farmers' Market, you support farm families directly (and cut out the middlemen), but you also reduce the carbon footprint for the food your family consumes. Why import an apple from New Zealand or Washington when you can eat an apple grown right here in Colorado. Local produce travels much shorter distances and reduces the greenhouse gases associated with transportation.

During the spring we might even show up with bedding plants, potted plants and perennials grown in our own greenhouses.

Make a date with the whole family, get out to meet your neighbors at your local Farmers' Market. We will see you there.